The Wait – Paperback Edition


This beautiful matte Laminate paperback measures 5.5 x 8.25, has a luxurious feel to the cover, yet fits perfectly in your bag or briefcase.  A hefty read at 572 pages, THE WAIT will keep you turning those pages until you reach the end!


Lisa Kaye Presley’s debut novel The Wait is powerful yet touching story of Bonnie McCaverty, a precocious little girl who never gave up on anything; not on a sickly calf or a stubborn pony and not on Calvin Wade. Since she was five-years-old she always thought that she would marry Calvin, but superstitions ran deep in those days, and Calvin had set his mind on the fact that everyone he loves dies after a series of death plagues his life. He feels the only way to keep Bonnie alive was to deny his feelings for her.

After Bonnie moves to Nashville and meets wealthy attorney, Ned Bass, she begins to believe that her love for Calvin was no more than a fond memory of her youth—a dream faded by reality. A dream, that is, until when volunteering for the Red Cross, she sees Calvin at Union Station—in uniform.

While the two men fight their way across Europe, Calvin in the 30th Infantry Division and Ned in the Eighth Army Air Corp, Bonnie has to decide exactly who it is she is waiting for. All the while Della Houston, the owner of Ned’s favorite saloon and his best friend, is doing some waiting of own.

The Wait is a novel of hope and patience in the face of drought and depression, superstitions of the time, and a world war—a poignant story that reminds us that the important things in life are worth the wait.

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