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The Wait on Amazon Rankings

Okay, my friends. Once again, I’m calling upon you for help!
All of you I asked to wait and order from Amazon, now is the time! Bookstore owners and some other people I’m talking to look at those rankings! If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, I sure would appreciate it! I can’t let this momentum die!
It doesn’t matter which format, but the paperback is really nice. The cover has a beautiful feel in matte laminate; a good size to carry around!
It actually has 13 5-star reviews at this time! If you have finished and can leave a review, I’d be very grateful!
Thanks, and much love to everyone who has supported this venture!

Amazon Rankings for THE WAIT Moving UP!


Athough Amazon rankings change from hour to hour based on some unknown mathematical equations, I was very, very pleased to have just seen the e-book versions rankings this morning!  It just broke the “magic ceiling” of under 100,000 in total e-book rankings. (The smaller the number, the better.)



 My editor told me this book should be ranked as HISTORICAL ROMANCE. I fought that and insisted upon LITERARY FICTION (which is a much higher goal.) He said he was afraid I would be disappointed at the result since I was self-published. People are reading it. People are loving it. No, it may not skyrocket to the top of any bestseller list, but it pleases me to no end that Bonnie’s story is being shared with the world!
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